Write Your Goals | 12 Month Manifestation Digital Journal

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I found manifesting to be a strong tool when creating the life that I wanted and I did that by writing my goals, creating a vision board for them, journaling about it as well as being grateful for what I have in the present. 

This journal is meant to help you envision how you want the next year to play out as well as each month of that year to create short and long term goals to help you get there.

This journal includes: 

1 ZIP. file containing:

  • Instructions
  • Write Your Goals - 12 Month Manifestation Digital Journal
    • Goals I want to accomplish by the end of the year
    • Vision board (goals by the end of the year)
    • I am grateful for journal
    • Manifesting journal entry
    • 12 months
    • Each month includes
      • Month cover
      • Goals & intention journal
      • Space to create a vision board
      • "I am grateful for" journal
      • Manifesting journal entry 
      • Monthly check in
    • End of the year review
      • Everything I accomplished
      • Year in review (pictures)
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