My Weight Loss Story

To begin, I have always been on the heavier side growing up. I was always insecure about my weight and hated going shopping for clothes because it was so hard to find anything that would fit me. I remember being completely embarrassed when my mom and I had to go to the adult sections of stores to try to find something that would fit me right. Even when we did find something that fit around my hips, my grandma still had to hem the ends for me because they were too long. I always felt out of place and even a huge disappointment to my asian grandparents. 
Skipping to high school I was actually getting into shape from playing varsity volleyball, but towards the end of high school I was slowly gaining it back. Into college I was very unhappy with my weight and was often depressed or stressed from school and work.  
 After college I moved back home and then ended up moving to Los Angeles November 2017. I became very depressed not knowing what I was doing with my life and went to food to fill the void. In January of 2018 I was at my heaviest.  
July 2018 is when I started taking Alipotec because I heard about it from a friend who said she was going to try it. Not even knowing what it was or the effects of it, I asked if she could get me a bottle as well. I started at 221lbs and a size 16. To my surprise, the supplement actually worked and I lost 20 lbs after my first bottle, which lasted 3 months.
Since then I continue to take it on and off. I usually will take it for 2-3 months and take a break for a month or longer and go back on. It has really helped me have a better relationship with food because I have learned to listen to my body when I am full.
Right now I am around 173lbs or so and a size 8/10. 

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