Probiotics & Prebiotics

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Probiotics & Prebiotics of Plant Origin Properties:

Probiotics are microorganisms designed to maintain and improve the "good" bacteria in the body. Prebiotics are foods that act as nutrients for the human microbiota and are used to improve the balance of these microorganisms.


  • Lactose free
  • 100% vegetable origin
  • Without saturated fat
  • Cholesterol free

Does not contain hormones of animal origin.


  • Balance healthy gut bacteria in the digestive system
  • Help prevent irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive disorders 
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Help improve metabolism
  • Produce vitamins
  • May help with weight loss and reduction of belly fat


  • Helps prevent colitis and ulcers
  • Facilitates the absorption of calcium and other minerals
  • Reduces high triglyceride levels