"I ordered in April but you were out of stock and so I started at the end of May. My first three months I kept stopping and didn’t take them daily cause of the pooping!! Lol I was like omg!! Does it ever stop? So I didn’t start taking it daily until July 4th weekend. I starting putting the root with my daily vitamins so I wouldn’t forget. Then 5 weeks later my BFF was like your face is thinning out. I was like huh? So by then it was 19 pounds down. And I didn’t weigh again until beginning of last month and I was down 50!! I was like WHAT!! I kept getting on the scale over and over because that scale had to be wrong. I’ve lived in stretchy pants most my adult life so I hadn’t noticed the loss. So I tried on a pair of shorts and they fell off. My journey so far has been amazing!! I can move easier now and have energy!!
I’m diabetic and with the weight loss they have cut my medication dose is HALF! My dr was so amazed!
All thanks to your YouTube channel!! Thank you thank you!! I still wanna lose 98 more. I’ll be at the weight for my height."
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